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Paul Bunyan's Cook Shanty - Welcomes Your Family to Our Family

For over 60 years and four generations later, Paul Bunyan’s Cook Shanty welcomes your family to our family! Your Wisconsin Dells vacation would not be complete without a Paul Bunyan’s Lumberjack meal. We take extreme pride in serving the freshest family style breakfast, lunch and dinner. With our ever-so-famous homemade buttermilk donuts made fresh every day, keeps our visitors coming from miles away just to pick up a dozen!

Dells Lumberjack Show

Join us for a one-of-a-kind, action-packed performance like no other in Wisconsin Dells! It will keep you on the edge of your seat the entire time!

The Dells Lumberjack Show features events such as the standing block chop, axe throw, spring board chop, obstacle pole, hot saw, log roll, and many more performed by professional lumberjacks, medalists and athletes.

Click here for show times.

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Here's a #TBT for ya! Paul Bunyan's aerial view from back in the 1950's...The area has changed just a bit since then! ... See MoreSee Less

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“Give me fuel, give me fire, give me donuts I desire” 😍😍 -Jesse DeFosse

The Shanty is closed, but we’re still dreaming about our famous buttermilk donuts! 🤤 ✨

Check this video out below to see how the magic happens!!
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Our 2017 season is coming to an end this weekend! Sunday, October 15th is our last day, and we will be serving breakfast from 7:00am until noon. Last chance to stop in for a nice, hardy, family-style breakfast, or to pick up a dozen of our famous buttermilk donuts in the gift shop! Thank you all so much for a fantastic 2017 season! ... See MoreSee Less

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BEST POST EVER! This is what we strive for everyday so our customers get this kind of experience. You made our day Kyle Sommers☺️!

Kyle Sommers reviewed Paul Bunyan's Wisconsin Dells — 5 star
July 26 at 5:08pm ·
"Whilst vacationing in Wisconsin Dells, I awoke feeling famished from our travels. Our group strolled into Paul Bunyan's expecting to have a little breakfast and coffee and to then continue about our day. We came to realize that this was not any ordinary breakfast establishment; it was a palace where legends are born. With the first sip of coffee, it was as if Mr. Bunyan himself had delivered a swift and powerful pat on my back. The delicious black nectar promptly elevated my heart rate to a desirable 65 beats per minute; which everyone knows is the ideal heart rate for lumberjack work (any more beats is simply a waste of energy). After my first round of sausage links and biscuits and gravy, I began to feel as though I had the strength of ten men. After finishing a hearty helping of scrambled eggs (which were cooked to perfection), I suddenly developed a five o'clock shadow, even though it was only 9:30 in the morning and I had shaved a mere thirty minutes prior. I was beginning to feel the overwhelming need to chop down a large coniferous tree by hand. It was at that time that one of the lumberjacks from the lumberjack show began to notice the sudden change in manliness coming from our table. He approached our group with a well honed axe resting upon his shoulder. He threw me a flannel shirt, handed me the axe, and simply stated, "it is time to work." I promptly finished my perfectly browned potatoes and delectable flapjacks and joined the fellow lumberjack in clearing timber. After a long day of labor, he handed me one of the tin mugs that earlier held the best cup of coffee known to man, and filled it with a fine well-aged whiskey. We sat on one of the recently felled trees, and told tales and jokes to my party, until the sun finally set on the manliest day of my life, all made possible because of a fine breakfast prepared by Paul Bunyan's restaurant... Also, the donuts are really good."
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Come celebrate 60 years of sunsets like these over the Paul Bunyan's Cook Shanty! Thanks Sindy Vela Spencer for the amazing photo! ... See MoreSee Less

Sunset in the Dells

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